United for Zero

We only have a few weeks left before the majority of members of the European Parliament must pass the declaration backing Global Zero’s plan to achieve a world without nuclear weapons. Sign the petition and add your name to the banner that will be delivered and displayed to the European Parliament.

On November 14th, Global Zero’s youth ambassadors will meet with the European Parliament to present them with a special display of our signatures and ask them to endorse the Global Zero Action Plan for a world without nuclear weapons. But to make a real impact they need your support.

Nuclear weapons are dangerous and expensive relics of the Cold War. They pose grave threats of nuclear terrorism and proliferation, and are useless in addressing the post-Cold War challenges we face — like economic and financial crisis, and climate change. To protect your generation and all generations to come from the nuclear threat, we stand united with you as you urge the European Parliament to support the next critical steps toward Global Zero — a world without nuclear weapons.

Global Zero is the international movement for the elimination of nuclear weapons. Since its launch in Paris in December 2008, it has grown to include 300 eminent world leaders and half a million citizens. Global Zero leaders understand that whatever deterrent value nuclear weapons had during the Cold War is outweighed by the dangers of proliferation and nuclear terrorism — and that the only way to eliminate these urgent threats is to eliminate all nuclear weapons worldwide.

Getting to Zero

Global Zero leaders understand that whatever stabilizing impact nuclear weapons may have had during the Cold War, any residual benefits of these arsenals are now overshadowed by the growing risks of proliferation and the related risk of nuclear terrorism.

Building on the extraordinary growth of the Global Zero movement and the political support it has achieved since December 2008, we now have a historic opportunity to set the world’s course to zero nuclear weapons.

In pursuing global zero, nations will confront profound and complex financial, political and security issues to determine as they assess whether going to zero serves their national interests, taking into consideration the state of various geopolitical, regional and national security issues at that time. The Global Zero Commission is examining these issues and their interrelationship with our plan for the elimination of nuclear weapons.

In 2011, Global Zero launched a three-year campaign to bring all nuclear weapons countries together to negotiate cuts in arsenals worldwide for the first time in history. This will require the US and Russia to first agree to further reduce their Cold War stockpiles and the leaders of all nuclear weapons countries to commit to multilateral negotiations in 2014. As outlined in the Global Zero Action Plan, these negotiations would cut all arsenals by 50%, followed by final negotiations to eliminate all remaining nuclear weapons by 2030.

Global Zero is working to build international and domestic political support for negotiations (especially important with 2012 presidential campaigns underway in the US, France and Russia), following its proven model: combining the influence of eminent leaders, media, online and grassroots outreach, cutting-edge policy development and direct dialogue with governments.


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